Sunday, October 14, 2007

Free Ideas for your Nanowrimo Novel

Are you planning to write a novel but don't have any ideas? Here are some plot and character ideas I had lying around in the attic of my head that you can have FOR FREE!!! Use as many as you need.

1. Main character is a blind, deaf or wheelchair-bound werewolf (vampire, fairy, elf, gaki). Extra points if your character DOESN'T want to die rather than living ('undying') with a disability.

2. Scientists are involved in a genetic study of sociopathic killers. They find a gene which causes this. A group of blood samples of prison inmates is exchanged for blood samples of preschool children. Three children test positive for the sociopath-killer gene. What happens next?

3. A presidential candidate is about to win the nomination, in large part due to her or his support of a certain issue. The candidate is visited by an actual angel who says that the candidate must switch position on this issue, and shows why this is important. Will the candidate ignore the warning to get elected? Or change her-or-his position on the issue?

4. A family finds a gateway to: a) another dimension b) fairyland or c) hell in their basement. What do they do about it? And will it lower the monetary value of their home when it comes time to sell?

5. A being with superhero-type powers fights the criminal element in a large city. The cops must find a way to capture the superhero and put him on trial for vigilante-action.

6. Panini rolls are actually alien life forms plotting to destroy the human race.

7. A vampire is appointed to the Supreme Court and makes his fellow justices into vampires too. (Remember Supreme Court justices are appointed for life, and can rule forever.)

8. A man plants trees, each one named after a friend, family member, or a famous living person. When a person's tree dies, the person dies. Some one finds out and kills the tree of a popular US president. (Does that count as assassination???)

Got your own ideas to share? Post them as a comment!


SzélsőFa said...

how come noone has ever commented in any of these ideas?
Some of them are really inspiring!

I've found you via StrugglingWriter, and if you coma and visit me, be aaware for I have two blogs, both English, but I'm a Hungarian.

D. G. D. Davidson said...

Hmm, some good stuff there. Number 4 sounds like "Message Found in a Copy of Flatland." Number 5 sounds like a comic book I (literally) dreamed about once.

nissa_amas_katoj said...

I thought #4 was from a Twilight Zone episode. Or a Simpsons episode.

Thanks to both of you for commenting.

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