Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Confession, Sci Fi Catholic style

"Me: Twice this last week, I sneaked into my dragon's room and read some of his shoujo manga.

Priest: You did what?

Me: I know, it's awful--

Priest: No, I mean, what did you do?

Me: What? I sneaked into my dragon's--

Priest: Your what?

Me: Dragon. I live with a dragon. That's okay, isn't it?

Priest: I guess...just, ah, tell me what you did, please."

Well, I must make a confession--- the 'me' in the confession above isn't the me me, it's D. G. D. Davidson of Sci Fi Catholic. I actually never sneak into my dragon's room to read his shoujo manga, I have my own shoujo manga.

And, to confess again, I'm not really sure what 'shoujo manga' is, I've just heard tell that some of my comic books are called 'shoujo manga'. Who knew? D. G. D. Davidson, evidently.

Anyway, Sci Fi Catholic has a great post on selecting a Sci Fi Priest to deal with your more Sci Fi related sins, guaranteed to make you run out and go to confession (unless you're Protestant....)

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Snuffles the Dragon said...

Shoujo manga are Japanese comics aimed at girls.

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