Thursday, January 28, 2010

What's the purpose of Christian Fiction, Anyway? CSSFBT Day 2

Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour for 'North! Or Be Eaten!' by Andrew Peterson, day two.
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Day two of the blog tour and this is the question for those who have read and enjoyed 'North! Or Be Eaten!', or hope to read it someday. Why?

Why read Christian fiction at all? Wouldn't it be better if there were just regular secular neutral publishers and all writers wrote for them? Isn't it kind of discriminatory--- a publisher that accepts work from Christians but not from Jews or atheists?

And what about our book of the month, 'North! Or Be Eaten!'. Wouldn't it be better if any too explicit Christian references would be removed so that people of all faiths or no faith could enjoy it equally? How much would that change the book and your liking of it?

What I am asking of you the reader is why you, personally, read Christian fiction (assuming you do), what it gives you, what you like (or don't like) to see in your Christian fiction? Please post a comment!

(I have some ideas of my own on this topic which I will reveal on day three--- but only if enough of you clap your hands and say 'I DO believe in fairies! I DO believe in fairies!')

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Krysti said...

I believe in fairies! I do! I DO! (How many times did you say we have to repeat this???)

Seriously, I read Christian fiction because I find it edifying, and it resonates with my heart and I come away having had a spiritual connection with the author. All of which makes me really happy!

I don't feel the same way at all about most non-Christian or ABA fiction. Sometimes I see the hand of God at work in the stories or the creative life of the ABA authors, and that tickles me pink, but--there's just not the same connection there, so it's less fun and edifying to read them. Sometimes, the things they write, I come away feeling pretty cross because I wasted my time with their stories!

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Nissa, with all the hullabaloo over at my site, I didn't get a chance to respond to everyone who left a comment. Thank you for your contribution. You have a unique perspective to share, and I thought you added a lot to the discussion. Thanks for stepping out and making your voice heard.

Re. this post, great questions. Myself, I wish we didn't have to have Christian publishing, that Christian stories or stories about Christians would be readily available through a neutral publishing system. I don't think that's been true for 50 years or so, but it's only been about the last ten that Christian publishers (who used to specialize in Bibles, Sunday school materials, Bible study aids, and devotionals) have embraced fiction.

I read Christian fiction because I find truth in the stories.


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