Tuesday, December 7, 2010

6 Best Times to Publish a Blog Post

Sometimes the most important thing you can do to get new readers for your blog is to pick the right time to post. Do it right, and you will be at the top of the heap when folks are searching for a fresh blog post to read.

What are the best times? A fellow named Dan Zarella over at ProBlogger has done some research. Here are the 6 best times:

  • Saturday. This is the peak day for sharing on Facebook, my favorite social media and the most popular. The slowest day for Facebook sharing is Thursday.
  • 9 am Eastern Standard Time, USA. This is the peak sharing time on Facebook, though it goes up and down a lot during the day. 1 am is the slowest time.
  • 4 pm Eastern Standard Time, USA. This is the peak time for re-tweeting on Twitter, so if you post then and tweet your post (I do it automatically), you are most likely to be retweeted. The slowest time for re-tweets is 9 am EST.
  • Friday. This is the peak day of the week for re-tweets, while Sunday is the slowest. So the peak time for posting is 4 pm on Fridays.
  • Mornings. That's when the most folks reported that they read blogs, followed by afternoon, evening and night.
  • Twice a day or more. The most popular blogs, judged by unique views per month and by links on Yahoo, are the ones that post twice or more a day rather than once a day or less. But I'm sure once a day is better than once a week, or once a month...
Source: When is the Best Time to Publish Blog Posts

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