Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lina Lamont gets fourth blogging award

Thanks to Amanda Borenstadt, blogger at A Fortnight of Mustard, which is one of the top condiment-related blogs on the web, for this fine award.

She got the award from Nick Wilford at Scattergun Scribblings.

Click 'read more' to find out why my cat is named Consubstantial and what I always bring to a swordfight.

The rules of the award are as follows:
1. In a post on your blog, nominate 15 fellow bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.(or 5 like Nick Wilford - he claims you will not be smited.)
2. In the same post, add the Versatile Blogger Award.
3. In the same post, thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link back to their blog.
4. In the same post, share 7 completely random pieces of information about yourself.
5. In the same post, include this set of rules.
6. Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination by posting a comment on each of their blogs.

Seven Possibly True Things About Me:

1. I've had a massive crush on Tracy Quartermaine for thirty years. Alas, as she is a fictional character on General Hospital, and in addition she's married to the mad mobster Anthony Zacchara, she probably doesn't like me back. I also have crushes on the Racnoss Empress, Chantho, Captain Jack Harkness and Rose Tyler from Doctor Who, and the Crazy Cat Lady from the Simpsons.

2. I think my cat Chachamaru is pregnant for real this time. Just hope she can manage to have fewer than six kittens this time...

3. The first periodical that published a poem of mine was a Stalinist communist 'zine called 'Struggle'. This was before Al Gore invented the internet.

4. I am the one person on Earth who likes the fact that the Catholic Church has changed 'being of one substance with the Father' to 'consubstantial with the Father. I like the word 'consubstantial' so much I now have a kitten named Consubstantial, though I mostly call her Connie or 'damn you cat, get off the counter!'

5. I've always been religious. Used to be a Protestant, from 1987-2005 was a Norse Pagan, now I'm Catholic. I thought once of becoming an atheist, but I'm just too logical for it.

6. I swear too much. My late lamented dog Jadzia wouldn't come when I said 'Come here', but would if I said 'Come (effing) here'. Very embarrassing when company comes. (My current dog Mina is too smart to come when called since I usually call her when I have plans for her she doesn't care for. So when I want Mina, I call one of the cats.)

7. My rule for winning in hand-to-hand combat: Bring a sword.

Bloggers I nominate for the Versatile Blogger Award

Why these blogs? Look at them and see. Each one is here for a reason. Those who guess the reasons right win a prize. Warning: the prize is a kitten.

Julie Bihn

Thomas Fletcher Booher

Shane Werlinger

John W. Otte

Fred Warren

Epic Rat

My apologies to those worthy bloggers who didn't get included. If you have a blog that deserves recognition, please comment and tell me what it is about your blog that should earn you a blogging award. (Smart aleck answers preferred.)


Nick Wilford said...

Hi, thanks for following my blog. Actually, I did nominate 15!

Because my family aren't religious, as a kid I called myself a pagan. Then I found out that actually was a religion.

Amanda Borenstadt said...

The crazy cat lady? Really? LOL Then I guess it's okay that I have a crush on the Simpsons comic book guy. :p

Amanda Borenstadt said...

OMG, you're right, Nick, you did do 15. But in your instructions you said 5 wouldn't get you smited. I'm holding you to that. ;)

Krysti said...

Calling the cat to catch the dog definitely does prove you can still outwit him! Good for you, Lina! (I have to do things like that too, with my kitties, but I don't have a dog to fool any more, or it would definitely be more fun).

nissa_amas_katoj said...

Nick: I didn't nominate 15 because finding 6 ate up enough of my day, what with finding them, linking, and then notifying them.

Amanda: Comic Book Guy? EWW! (He did the nasty with Skinner's mom!) I'm just glad no one (so far) got upset that I'm a Christian and all my crushes are on the girlies. (That was a snippy remark about Captain Jack, by the way.)

Krysti: Now I gotta figure out how to call some of my cats. Some come when I call 'kitty-kitty' and a few know their names. My cat Mariska comes when I call her rival Livia better than when I call her. Some of my cats are wild barn-kitties that don't even like me (but they do eat the food I provide.)

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