Friday, November 30, 2012

Five Top Lists of Best Author Blogs

Write an author blog? Or do you just plan to start one someday? It's a good idea to look around at some other writers' blogs--- especially the ones that stand out.

It's also essential, I think, to have a good link list (blogroll) or two in your sidebar. Having a link list just for published authors blogs you find to be outstanding is a good help for your readers--- as you will ALSO have a link list which has a lot of friendly writerish bloggers that may not be very good at blogging yet. 

To help you find some outstanding author blogs outside my own published author blog list, I'm doing some internet searching, not for top author blogs, but for top author blog lists. I'm sharing these lists with you today in the hope that you can perhaps find some new author blogs to admire, perhaps to start reading regularly. Here is the list, in no particular order:
Author Media: Top Ten Author Blogs of 2011 The web site Author Media seems to be dedicated to helping authors build their platform, and their list is composed of ten author blogs they think have been doing that well.

Top Blog on the Author Media list is A Holy Experience by Christian author Ann Voskamp. This blog is the origin of the 'One Thousand Gift' challenge which has inspired hundreds of bloggers to participate in Thankful Thursday. Recent Post is: When You're Looking for a Christmas Miracle.  This blog does have some audio when you visit, which I find annoying, but evidently some people like it.
Completely Novel: Author Blog Awards 2010 This is an author blog award with categories for published authors, unpublished authors and microblogs. I think this is a UK oriented list.

Winning blog in the Published Author category is Shop Girl Diaries by Emily Benet.  Current post is an author interview with Paul Bassett Davies.
The Top Author Blogs is something to which you can add your own web site in a vain grab for new readers for your blog. While I wouldn't recommend adding your blog, this might be a place to find new author blogs you haven't seen before and make some new connections.

Number One blog on the list is that of Debi Alper, writer of thrillers. She has not been very active blogging this year, only nine posts so far, the most recent in September.
InternetWritingJournal: The Best Author Blogs. This is more a best-known-author than a best-quality-author-blog list. It's alphabetical, so no one winner. It includes Holly Lisle, Neil Gaiman, Bruce Sterling, and Poppy Z. Brite.

An interesting blog is No rules, Just write by Christian romance author Brenda Coulter. It has a recent post about her romance book being on sale. Far more essential, however, is another post featuring an emergency brownie recipe.
SF Signal: The 10 Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Author blogs.  SF Signal is a group blog for discussing SF and Fantasy in books, TV and other media. Another alphabetical list.

Charlie's Diary by Charles Stross has in its most recent post this line:"I am still trying to stake this damn novel at the crossroads with a mouthful of garlic, but it refuses to lie down and die." So his blog got singled out in spite of being at something called which probably means some one out there is bigoted against folks like me.
If none of these lists links you up with any new, interesting author blogs, try doing a Google search on 'top fantasy author blogs' or 'best mystery author blogs'--- whatever genres you work in. Or search for a few of your favorite authors to see if they have blogs. Check the sidebars of any author blogs you may already read.

If you come up with any cool new author blogs, or you know of an author blog worth recommending, please drop a comment to that effect so I can check it out, too.

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