Thursday, November 29, 2012

Where have all the blog posts gone?

This blog is shrinking! There are about 200 fewer posts on this blog than there were yesterday. But don't panic! The missing blog posts are available in full at, also known as the Lina Lamont Fan Club.

Astute readers may remember that the Lina Lamont Fan Club is the former name of this blog. During this blog's existence under that name, mostly this was a blog about everything--- from Doctor Who to Korean soap operas to cat obituaries, both of my own cats and of celeb cats such as Socks Clinton Currie, India Bush, and Miss Kitty, cat actress from The Closer.

Lina Lamont's Write Club is a more focused blog. It's about writing--- mostly fiction writing, with side trips into poetry, and a special interest (hee, hee!) in writers with autism/Asperger Syndrome. (I also have other blogs on other topics, some of which may appear in my sidebar some day soon.)

I am in the process of deleting all my blog posts on this blog that are not relevant to the topic at hand. I'm also deleting posts related to blog hops and blog tours that I participated in as The Lina Lamont Fan Club.  As I've said, these posts are still available on the archive blog.

Probably a better way to have gone about this would have been to just abandon the Lina Lamont blog and start a fresh blog for my writing blog, but I did have the 56 followers, most of whom were blogging about writing/authorship on their own blogs.

I took the easy way out which turns out to be amazingly difficult since mine host, Blogger, does not care for brand-new blogs that post 500 new posts in one day as one does when importing a blog you've saved to your own computer. I was stuck in word verification hell for awhile being given visual word verification I couldn't read and audio WV I couldn't hear. It may be a while before I get THAT fully sorted out. But once I do, my old posts will all be available, and my new blogs will have less that is off-topic.


Stanley Loper said...

That's nice.

I've been thinking of re-purposing one of my blogs myself, the first one i set up. It was mainly about my soapbox science issues, but it hasn't gone anywhere. I've been thinking of turning it into a blog on writing since that is the hobby I seem to be pursuing more than the others, mainly through blogging right now.

That isn't all the blogging I do since I do have a novel in re-write and several others in various stages of first draft. this year health problems have sort of reduced me to just the blogging, but hopefully that will change soon. I'm having my cataracts removed this month and I'm told that should make writing easier since I'll no longer have the eyestrain I had before. I'm looking forward to it.

I am also looking forward to following your new direction in blogging. Best whishes!

nissa_loves_cats said...

Hope your cataract thing goes well.

If you go with turning your blog into a blog on writing, I'm going to be setting up a sidebar link exchange, so that if you link to me in your sidebar, I'll link to you.

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