Friday, January 25, 2013

Worst Author Blog Ever

Once I saw an author blog by a man who had written a self-published novel. He had been told that he should have an author blog. He decided that what that blog was about was his book, and himself as an author

And so he made a few posts to announce when the book came out, and when it became available on And then, being a fine Christian gentleman who didn't feel right about immodestly talking about himself, he stopped posting for lack of anything appropriate and Christian to say.

But that blog was not the Worst Author Blog Ever. That would have to go to one of the many authors who have made the same decision about what their blog is about--- their book, and themselves as author--- and somehow managed to find things to post about on this topic every day for months or years.

If you want a blog that will connect with potential readers, you need a blog that talks about what they might be interested in--- and at first, your book will not be among those things.

You need to decide what your blog is about--- perhaps write an 'elevator pitch' or a one-sentence summary of your blog topic. It can be about your genre, about the writing life, about the fact that your cat is plotting against you---- anything that can help you reach out to like-minded blog readers.

Another important factor in avoiding that Worst Author Blog Ever title is to follow the Golden Rule--- do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Do you want other blogs to mention your book or blog? Mention the books or blogs of others. Do you want others to review your book/blog kindly? Review the books or blogs of others kindly--- pretend the author of these works is looking over your shoulder as you write. Do you want others to respect your opinions even if they disagree with them? Respect the opinions of others; if their opinions are beyond the pale (as in admirers of Adolf Hitler), at least be as kind as you can to the holder of the opinion. (Calling people dirty no-good skunks never changes their opinion, anyway.)

One published author whose blog I have followed mainly attracted me by how she followed the Golden Rule in her internet presence, Holly Lisle. Her web site and blog is filled with useful advice for beginning writers. Now, I had read a few Holly Lisle books years ago and didn't care for them very much. But after year after year of checking in on Holly Lisle's blog from time to time, I recently picked up one of Holly's books second-hand. I got hooked, and bought the next two books in the trilogy as soon as I finished that book. Her internet work had eventually turned me into a reader of her fiction.

Are you a writer who may have had trouble with this new requirement that authors become bloggers? How has it been working out for you lately? Do you have any wisdom to share?


DRC said...

My cat wouldn't plot against me. Who else would scratch her belly and feed her?

I follow a blog like that. When they released their first book they were blogging nearly everyday. Now that's passed, they've fizzled and rarely blog.

My blog started as a place where Icould publish the pieces of flash fiction I wrote at my writers' circle, to save them being a waste of paper, but it's evolved so much since then.

nissa_loves_cats said...

Yes, our blogs do change in purpose and nature over time, don't they?

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