Monday, January 21, 2013

You should be committed!

Do you dream of being a published writer? You should be committed! No, not that kind of committed. You should be committed to your writing. Not just writing in general, but your particular writing project, right now.

It's hard to do this. We get a good idea for a novel, work on it a bit, and then other ideas come along. If the work on Novel #1 is going well, we may ignore the other ideas for now. But when the road becomes rocky on Novel #1, and those other wonderful novel-ideas are beckoning--- we start Novel #2.

For some of us, this first step of abandoning our novel for a better idea becomes the start of a pattern. We start a novel with high hopes, the novel seems less of a good idea each time we work on it, and before long we leave it unfinished to pursue some new novel idea.

This problem is we have not firmly committed ourselves to writing our Novel #1, working on it every day, until it is finished. If we are committed at all, it is a lukewarm commitment 'until a better idea comes along'. And if you have 'the right stuff' to be a writer, better ideas, or at least newer ideas that seem better, will always be coming along.

So, today, this day, make a firm commitment. That novel project you've got going right now--- you will finish it. Every day, say to yourself: "I commit to finishing (name of novel). I will work on it every day until it is finished."

And then, do it. When the idea appears in your mind to shift your work onto some other project, treat it like the idea of running out on a booze-binge or the idea of running off to Mexico with a cute secretary. Because that idea is a temptation, while the novel that you are committed to--- that's your wife. Be faithful to her!


DRC said...

Great Post. As a rule I only work on one manuscript at a time. Other ideas grow in my head and evolve, and then by the time I've finished th current one the next is ready to be written.

But recently other projects have butted into my current WIP which has created alsorts of problems - as you know. So now's the time to commit myself and finally give it the ending it deserves :)

DL Hammons said...

I'm committed...which is great...because I'm totally nuts to think I can do this! :)

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