Saturday, March 23, 2013

Don't Build Up Your Writing Obstacles

We all have writing obstacles--- poor spelling or grammar, difficulty with dialog, awkwardness in transitions.... Or perhaps we are shy when it comes to things like submitting to *real* publishers--- the ones that pay royalties.

But don't exaggerate these obstacles. Don't make them ever bigger in your imagination, and fuel them with your fear thoughts.

Minimize your obstacles. Don't utterly ignore them, because you have to deal with them. But every time you worry about your obstacle, give yourself a positive thought: "This isn't a big deal. This little obstacle is something I can fix pretty quick. It won't hold me back."

Exaggerating your obstacles will paralyze you as a writer. You will have inaccurate ideas about your abilities. You will double-up, in your mind, all of your flaws, and when you find something you can actually do well, you will assume it's no big deal, every amateur writer out there can do as well or better....

This just leads to more low self esteem, and when you feel that bad about yourself, you don't have the energy to work on your writing craft.

So when you look at your obstacles, don't see mountains. See molehills. And you can tear down molehills any day.

Cat picture is my cat Cheney, that I was given election day 2004 along with her mate Bush. I don't have Bush any more, but do have their children Mariska and Reagan.

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