Sunday, December 22, 2013

Read My Blog, or This Cute Kitten Gets It!!!

While I neglect my blog a lot of the time, sometimes I work really hard on it and think I do a halfway decent job of it. And I'm just as likely to have my blog ignored when I work hard at it as when I give blogging a lick and a promise.

I've tried better content and more comments on other blogs and participating in blog events so there's one more thing left: threats. Read this blog, folks, or the cute kitten in the picture is going to get it.

Now, to give you a little more information about the kitten you are saving by reading this blog post. She was born this past spring to my black cat Gwen, one of a litter of 5 kittens, all female and all tortoiseshell or calico in color. I didn't name any of the kittens at first since I was planning to rehome them. But one of the litter was so sweet and friendly that I have her the name Myfanwy, after Gwen's sister who disappeared last year.

Myfanwy the kitten sadly died suddenly, so I was inspired to name the remaining two kittens in the litter after her--- Second Myfanwy, and the kitten in the picture, Third Myfanwy, who I tend to call 'Ender' lately.

Little Ender and her sister tend to have little eye and respiratory infections a lot in spite of the vet meds I gave them for it. But both girls are friendly and lively little things, a bit undersized compared to their foster brother, Little Stranger (who was nursed by their mama Gwen when I couldn't find which barn cat had given birth to him and abandoned him).

OK, the truth is when I said the kitten's going to 'get it' I was deliberately vague and I predict little Ender won't 'get' anything other than cuddles and, once in a while, a special food treat. This whole blog post was an odd experiment just to see what would happen.

But there's a serious side to the post, which is, it's very frustrating to be a blogger, especially in the world of writing or book related blogs. We work hard on our blogs (sometimes, anyway) but there are no guarantees we are going to get any payoffs in the form of finding an audience for our words.

I think it's a good thing for us frustrated bloggers to work together in our quest to improve our blog stats and build an audience. I've already started a little contest--- see my left sidebar--- to find a few blogs to read and comment on regularly.

I also intend in the new year to look up information on better blogging techniques and blogging about ways to apply them to our blogs. My hope is that even those bloggers who have nearly-unvisited blogs will find something practical they can do to improve their blog's reach.

Like right now. Your blog assignment: post something. Even if you didn't intend to. Even if you normally schedule and plan every post. Just post a little something--- take a picture of YOUR kitten, or puppy, or pet cockroach. Take a picture out your window and bitch about the weather.

Because the one thing I've noticed about the more unvisited blogs I've visited is that the bloggers don't post all that often. In the years I've posted on the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy blog tour, I've seen more than one blog on the tour that seemed to post one blog post in each month, for the blog tour. And while a once-a-month schedule might be fine for a traditionally-published, better-known author, when you are trying to build up a bit of a blog following, more posts are better.

Are you going to do your blog 'assignment' today? When you are finished with the blog post, feel free to post a comment here with the link to it. I'd love to read your post!

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