Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Great WordPress Experiment

Blogger annoyed me today. Which is not a rare thing. But finally the Blogger-annoyance made me decide to start a blog on WordPress to see how the other half blogs.

I started a new blog called Nissa Annakindt: My Antimatter Life. It might end up being a replacement for The Lina Lamont Fan Club on Blogger, or it might not. It depends on how it goes, how long it takes me to learn how to blog on WordPress, how long it is before WordPress starts annoying me the way Blogger does….

Anyway, I’d like some feedback: is blogging on Blogger better than blogging on WordPress? What do you think of the new blog, Nissa Annakindt: My Antimatter Life? What do you think of The Lina Lamont Fan Club?

My current intent is to keep both blogs going for a while, just to see how it goes, and then when I know what’s what, discontinuing one blog or the other. If I keep the new blog, I’ll lose all the history of the old one. But if I keep the old, that history may end up being a burden.

If you visit the new blog, I have a poll there where you can express your opinion on which is better, Blogger or Wordpress.

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Tracy Krauss said...

I had a wordpress blog for awhile and i didn't like it as well as blogger. However, I keep hearing the praises of wordpress... so I am thinking about doing something similar as you - again! I'm going to hop over to your new one now. :)

Lauren said...

I like wordpress. The two are different, but I can't say that either is better. I stick with Blogger because that's where my followers are, but I used wordpress for my work site. I do manuscript evaluations.

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