Sunday, February 10, 2008

CSFF February Blog Tour

I really should be doing something else right now.
Like working on my novel.
Or writing a blog entry for my other blog.
Or doing the laundry.
Or sleeping.

But instead I am writing about the CSFF blog tour for this month. February tour for Chris Walley’s book Shadow and Night (book 1 of The Lamb Among the Stars series) is scheduled for February 18-20.

I already have the book and have even read the first few pages. Let's hope I can finish it before the blog tour.

To find out more about the blog tour, go to:

Last month, I was going to blog about the blog-tour's book 3 times on my main blog and at least once here, but I only managed to do it one time on the main blog. Better than nothing I guess. And I did visit a number of blogs on the blog tour. I made little asterisks after the ones I'd done so I could visualize my progress.

The point of doing the blog tour is to connect with authors and would-be writers and people who love books. Or else the point is to find another thing to do instead of working on my novel, doing laundry or sleeping.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Playing around with an old NaNo novel....

About two years ago I participated in NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month) and I came closer than I ever have to finishing a novel. It gave me hope.

Recently I've decided to try to finish this novel as the central idea is one I like. The original version I kind of wrote myself into a corner; and after leaving it for a time I wanted to change a lot about it.

So this year for JanNo I started writing the story again. I haven't looked at the old manuscript, just started writing a new version.

It's been going slow..... And yesterday I kind of realized that everything I have written so far on it will be thrown out. I'm just not throwing it out yet because it will lower the word count.

But I do have some ideas: I'm going to center it more about the main character, Makie Hanuman. I've decided to make her younger--- in previous incarnations she was older and had a husband or lesbian lover (depending on which version). Now I think she is going to be college-age and suicidal. Her suicide attempt is interrupted by events in the story.

To make the story more writable, the other important characters are all going to be linked to Makie. This actually started in the first version in which the main villain is Alan Hanuman, Makie's uncle. Now I've decided that all the other characters will somehow be linked to Makie in some way.

I still don't know exactly what I'm going to do, but the next scene I write will have Makie walking over a bridge, planning on jumping, and seeing strange lights in the sky which turn out to presage an alien invasion.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

JanNo results--- is there a FebNo?

Well, I worked for about 8 days on JanNo, and wrote 1150 words. Since the goal was 50000 for the month that doesn't seem like much, but then on the other hand I've had all too many months where I didn't write anything at all, not even self-indulgent blog posts.

It's been very hard for me to get involved in writing during the last month. Some days it was only a lick-and-a-promise 34 words, and even that was a struggle. It's hard enough just getting up in the mornings lately. One day I slept past noon! My mom thinks I'm depressed but I really can't tell.

My life is just bleh! in other ways too. I haven't been able to sit still and read, I'm very disorganized, I blogged a little last month but didn't keep up with it.....

But I'm not giving up. Is there a FebNo? If there is, I'm in time for it. I wrote 317 words today and 253 yesterday, and my total for the project (this month and last) is 1720 words.

I'm pretty sure I've written more than 1720 words in one day the first time I did NaNo. But the way it's going now I'm just glad to be making progress at this slow pace. At least I haven't given in to the impulse to throw out what I've already written and start over.
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