Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Confession, Sci Fi Catholic style

"Me: Twice this last week, I sneaked into my dragon's room and read some of his shoujo manga.

Priest: You did what?

Me: I know, it's awful--

Priest: No, I mean, what did you do?

Me: What? I sneaked into my dragon's--

Priest: Your what?

Me: Dragon. I live with a dragon. That's okay, isn't it?

Priest: I guess...just, ah, tell me what you did, please."

Well, I must make a confession--- the 'me' in the confession above isn't the me me, it's D. G. D. Davidson of Sci Fi Catholic. I actually never sneak into my dragon's room to read his shoujo manga, I have my own shoujo manga.

And, to confess again, I'm not really sure what 'shoujo manga' is, I've just heard tell that some of my comic books are called 'shoujo manga'. Who knew? D. G. D. Davidson, evidently.

Anyway, Sci Fi Catholic has a great post on selecting a Sci Fi Priest to deal with your more Sci Fi related sins, guaranteed to make you run out and go to confession (unless you're Protestant....)

Are you on the Wrong Planet?

The message below is from 'Wrong Planet', a site for people with Asperger's Syndrome. The forums are really good. You might ask--- since these forums are so great why don't I stick to them and not bother the ~normal~ people either here or at AugNoWriMo/JulNoWriMo. Well, maybe it's because I'm on the wrong planet.....

Alex Plank at Wrong Planet says:

Hello Wrong Planet members. I usually don't send out emails to the entire membership at once so I apologize for adding yet another potentially unwanted email to your inboxes and hope you forgive me (unless of course you're an aspie like me and look forward to getting any message at all. In that case, 'you're welcome' :-P ). Also, I apologize if you got duplicate emails. The server crashed while trying to send out 20,000 emails the first time.

However, I wanted to check up with all you guys and girls by sending a friendly hello and letting you all know what's been going on with WP in the last couple of months. If you haven't stopped by lately, please do so, if only just to make sure all your profile details are up to date.

Click for Wrong Planet:

Wrong Planet has changed quite a bit since you last visited (unless of course you visited recently... like within the last few months.. ok). We now have more than 20,000 registered members (try counting that number on your fingers (actually don't. I tried and it didn't work))!

As you're probably aware, Autism has gained a lot of attention recently in the media, not all of it positive. We've responded to these issues with editorials and articles on our front page, in addition to many, many forum discussions about tons of different things.

For instance, X-Files Star Amanda Peet recently spoke out against Jenny McCarthy's anti-vaccine shenanigans ( editorial here: )

Also, we reported that Claire Danes is in talks to star in an HBO Biopic of Temple Grandin (article here: ).

Anyway, there is so much more content on the site that I'm not going to mention in this email, mainly out of laziness, but also because it's pretty easy to find things on the site now due to a much simple menu at the top of the site and this email is already too long as it is.

So, fire up your web browser, point it to Wrong Planet, and click away fellow WrongPlaneteers! I look forward to hearing from some of you who haven't posted in a while.

I hope you had a great summer (I had an awesome summer which included a trip to Los Angeles for a couple of days! ^_^ )

Wow, just realized how cheesy this email sounded so guess I should apologize for using such an execcisvely enthusiastic writing style. I'm too lazy to rewrite the email and you already read it so I guess its too late.

Best Wishes,

Alex Plank

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Creating a Novel using the Snowflake Method

Some time ago I first learned about the Snowflake Method on author Randy Ingermanson's web site. This seems like a good method to organize your ideas for your novel and get it to the point where you are ready to write.

In my own case I particularly need organizational help since I have Asperger's Syndrome (a form of autism) and have a hard time with the 'big picture' aspect of the novel. (It's not impossible for someone with Asperger's to write, though--- just look at Herman Melville or Arthur Conan Doyle, who are now believed to have had Asperger's.)

The Snowflake method now has a forum at There is a section on the forum for each step of the ten step Snowflake method. I've joined the forum, I feel it may help me put together my current writing project 'Colors' which I've been having trouble with.
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