Wednesday, July 28, 2010

all cats have asperger syndrome

I have been getting sick sick sick of not having any new books to read so a couple of days ago I broke down and ordered some new books from One of them is the book "All Cats have Asperger Syndrome" by Kathy Hoopman.

OK, it's a kid's picture book. But the pictures are all of cats. And the topic of Asperger Syndrome is of renewed interest to me lately as I have been diagnosed with AS and am in the process of applying for social security disability because of it.....

The book seems to be mainly aimed at providing parents of children with AS with a book they can show to the neighbors to explain why their kid is so weird. There seems to be an industry devoted to created books for parents of Aspie kids, which is very annoying to those of us diagnosed as adults. But, as I said, this book IS full of pictures of cats so that makes it okay.

Some of the cats in the book look just like some of my cats. Like, the cat on page 42 could be either Chan-ho or Negi, they both look alike. And the cat on page 29 looks like Grey.  I guess that's an Aspie-ish thing to point out that some of the cats look like my cats because that's just a detail and a good 'normal' person is supposed to see 'the big picture'.

A lot of the books on Asperger Syndrome claim that Aspies can't see 'the big picture'.  Well, I actually can, I just don't CARE about it.
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