Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fictional Characters that might have Asperger Sydrome

There are a lot of fictional characters that have been accused of having Asperger Syndrome, and perhaps some of them actually do, except that being fictional they can't have anything for real....

1. Mr. Spock from the original Star Trek is the classic example, though since he's only half human it may not count. Data, the android from Star Trek TNG, also has been mentioned but I do believe you need to have neurons to have a neurological disorder.

2. Dexter Morgan from Dexter. I like this example in spite of his serial-killery thing.

3. Maj. Winchester from MASH.

4. Brennan from Bones.

5. Goren from Law & Order CI.

6. Reg Barclay from Star Trek TNG. You know the guy with the holodeck addiction.....

7. Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter. (I love Luna, I hope she grew up to marry Neville Longbottom.)

8. House from the series House. I don't think he has AS, I think he's just a pain in the a@@.

9. Adolf Hitler. No, wait, he's wasn't fictional. *sigh*

10. The Crazy Cat Lady from The Simpsons. OK, she doesn't have any strong indications of AS, she just mutters gibberish and throws cats at people. But I have AS and I consider the Crazy Cat Lady to be my role model. And besides, she's so sexy!
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