Thursday, March 21, 2013

Poem: Catsong: for Niki

This is one of the poems that will be in my new, expanded edition of Where the Opium Cactus Grows. Written in honor of my nine-year-old cat Niki, it is a sijo, a form of Korean poetry somewhat similar to the haiku. It was composed using an ancient Korean sijo as a model/inspiration. 

Catsong: for Niki
a sijo

what if my heart is too long or too tall?
what if my cat is too light or too small?

this calico tabby is mine
no matter that her nails are too sharp

the chill moonlight is mine also
to collect in alabaster jars

 This is one poem of mine with which I am satisfied--- not that I think it perfect or even good, but I feel that it is as good as I can make it, and any time I might spend fiddling around with it would be better spent writing new poems.  Other poems I've written I make endless revisions, sometimes achieving a better poem, sometimes only a new arrangement of the deck chairs on my poetic Titanic. Strangely, in my earliest poems this sense of satisfaction came more easily--- and I continue to be satisfied, for the most part, with these poems still. Today this sense of satisfaction is harder to find.

Note: I am planning to list this poem on Poetry Pantry over at Poets United this Sunday. If you have a blogged poem to share, or just want to read some poems, please visit their site.

The poem will also appear in the revised version of my book, Opium Cactus, on which I am still diligently working.

Last week with my Poetry Pantry poem undercover lesbian I got some valuable feedback which, strangely, I may actually use. Thanks to all my visitors from last week. 

Update: I have indeed shared the poem on Poetry Pantry #143 and am having fun looking at the other poems, seeking treasure. I've already found some, my favorite so far being And Bells Will Ring.