Submit Poems!

How to submit:
We want email submissions only. Follow these rules.
  1. Put the word POETRY SUBMISSION in the subject line.
  2. Email to linalamont [at]
  3. Put up to 4 poems in the body of the email. We prefer poems under 25 lines, max. is 35. We may make exceptions for poets who've published with us before.
  4. You may include a brief author bio, a link to your blog, a link to your published or self-published poetry book, and the name of your cat (if any). 
  5. You don't have to include a submission letter. Save your energy for writing the poems!
By submitting, you are granting us the right to publish the poems on the Magdalena Lamont blog, and (possibly) in an ebook version of the magazine.  

What We Want: Poems
Poetic forms
  1. Asian poetic forms: haiku, haibun, tanka, sijo
  2. Free verse
  3. Poetry with rhyme and meter
  4. Experimental poetry
  5. Traditional poetry
We don't particularly want overly sentimental poems, personal, my-life-sucks poems, teen angst poems, and poems about your boyfriend/girlfriend. Erotic/pornographic poems and poems containing unprintable words not considered. Submit your best work. Or your weirdest work.

World views
  1. Conservative/libertarian political poetry, including prolife poems.
  2. Faith-based poetry from a traditional/historical Christian point-of-view, any denomination, including Catholic, Evangelical, Mormon, and Protestant.
  3. Faith-based poetry of other faiths.
  4. Apolitical poetry by poets of any world view. 
  5. We welcome poets from around the world, but poems must be in English or include an English translation by the poet.

Young Poets under 18
Please get a parent to grant permission for publication.