Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Class in Writing Poetry for New Fiction Writers

Cheney the Election Day cat
 I've decided to teach a class in poetry writing. Since there is not a lot of enthusiasm for poetry out there, I've decided to aim it at young/new fiction writers who want to learn the craft through writing poetry. I think poetry writing, done write, is a cure for the bland boring prose so many churn out at first. And writing poems is less of a time commitment than, say, writing epic novels.

It's going to be an odd class. You see, I never officially learned how to write poetry. I'm more of a mad, self-taught autistic savant poet which I think is a great qualification for teaching a poetry class. Better than being one of those English majors who knows all about how to dissect dead poems but nothing about how to make poems live.

The class will be free. That's what I know at this point. I'm not quite sure how other people do online classes--- do you know or have experience in this? Please tell me!

If you might be interested in the class, make a comment, here or on my Facebook page (link below). Do you have questions? Ask them.

UPDATE: I'm still planning to do this. Soon. As soon as I finish turning this blog into a poetry e-zine. I also need to buy a couple of poetry books in the Dover Thrift Edition line, to use as textbooks.

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Krisi Keley said...

Your class sounds cool, Nissa. I'd definitely be interested and look forward to more details on it. I started off writing poetry/(intended) song lyrics before I wrote prose and I think you're right about the effect of one on the other. I think writing that type of poetry contributes to writing prose which, if nothing else, is more sonorous or melodic and has its own sort of rhythm and flow to it. I never learned much about how to write different types of poetry, especially free verse, though, so I'm interested to see if those other types of poetry would help to bring more imagery and style variation, as well as the rhythm and word choice/placement that rhyming poetry does, to one's prose.

Nissa Annakindt said...

Thanks, Krisi, I'm going to be putting up a page on the blog with info. I've still not figured out how to do this thing but I think I can work something out. I'll let folks know both on this blog and on my FB page when I put the page up.

Trisha said...

Beautiful kitty picture. :)